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  • Missing God's Call for Your Life?

    Most Christian business people miss out on the most important elements needed to strengthen their faith, grow their business, and change their lives.

    Don't Go It Alone
  • Experience Freedom

    Our sales and business system will not only help you break-through to a more successful business life, but also draw you closer to God and give you the balance you thought would never be possible.

    Gain Freedom
  • Feeling Held Back?

    Often we are our own worst enemy in business and in life. We have fears that hold us back and prevent us from succeeding the way God intended.

    Break Through
  • Don't Go It Alone

    It can be a tough road when you are doing business without the help and coaching you want and need. I know, because I used to work hard at my business feeling as if I was spinning my wheels with less than stellar results.

    Find Help

Discover God's plan for your life & career
  • 3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Selling

    Do you want to be prepared before, during, and after the sales call? The “3 Pitfalls” will give you a strong glimpse into what you should and should not do in the process of selling. Get this free series today.

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  • Get the Book - Order now!

    With faith and the proper business and sales training, you can achieve what God has planned for your business. “Selling the Right Way, Prayerfully God’s Way” can help you keep God number one in your sales business.

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  • Read the Blog

    Looking for more sales and business coaching information? Check out the Christian Sales Coach Blog, where you'll find valuable tips, learn some effective tactics and gather some helpful advice for all areas of your business or career.

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